English as Global Language – Short Paragraph

The world is divided in many continents and each continent have many countries, so it become difficult for people to interact with people with different countries because everyone is speaking a different language. English is a popular language that is spoken in almost all around the globe. As in today’s time you will come across a lot many people who knows English or at-least understand English.

Even today most of the web engines and data is in English, although it can be translated but the most commonly available format is English. With time people have adopted it as a second language with their mother tongue as all the academics, music, literature, and mostly everything in English. People practice hard to speak fluent English as it is appreciated by others.

If you want to travel across the world, make sure that you are fluent in English as it can help you in communicating with all types of people, despite which continent or country you are in.

By Revaa