Essay on House


House plays an important role in the life of humans. The house is a shelter to humans and many other living creatures. Over the centuries diverse people have made homes for themselves and for those they care about. Humans have evidently evolved to be better house builders with time. The perception of a house is constructed and lived differently in different locations.

The term house was derived from the old English word ‘hus’, meaning dwelling and shelter. Houses are of different types, sizes, and shapes. The house is designed differently in hilly areas to withstand different climatic conditions. The social unit accommodating a house forms the household.

Types of Houses

  • Huts – Huts are built from easily available materials within a short span of time. Huts cannot withstand harsh climatic conditions. They can be spotted in the isolated tribal areas.
  • Bungalow – It accommodates a solitary family and is a popular Indian house model. There is a large amount of space in and around in these types of houses.
  • Villa – Earlier the villa was known as the upper-class homes. Villas are available as luxurious and king size luxurious. They are furnished with lawn, pool, and an own driveway.
  • Apartment – It is the very common type of housing currently. They are multi-storied housing units with a basement which provides parking space. Nowadays an apartment complex comprises of all the basic amenities.
  • Kutcha Houses – They are the typical rural houses in India made of mud walls. People reside here for a short span of time. Wood, straw, dry leaves are the other materials used to build the kutcha houses.
  • Castles – They are huge old buildings which accommodated many kings and queens hundreds of years ago. Castles are made with thick stone walls and are enclosed by a circle of water, called a moat to provide protection from the enemies.
  • Palaces – They are the costliest houses in India and come with world class top facilities. Some of them are now used to house the Head of States, while many have now changed into hotels, museums and popular tourist spots.
  • Stilt Houses – These are fancy houses built on a raised level from the ground of water or soil. Stilt houses are used to protect people during flooding.
  • Farmhouse – It is a house built far away from the city on large farmlands. Farmhouses are generally built one story lower than the other houses in the countryside.
  • Igloo – They are round domed shaped houses built from ice and snow. Igloos are seen in very cold places and they help to keep the people warm.

Building the House

House is the place that provides refuge to the people. People choose a suitable place to build their house. Climate, stability of the ground, proximity to raw-materials, etc. are some of the factors to be considered while choosing the location. Special considerations are required if the houses are built in earthquake-prone areas. Ground stability is important to determine the lifespan of the house. Electric power, source to drinking water, access to the market, schools, hospitals are considered before building the house. People can build their own house on the land they have chosen or just purchase a built house. The level and beauty of the house design depends on the builder’s financial background. The space available is split as hall, bedrooms, kitchen, dining, and bathrooms.

Importance of House

House is the place where people relax, rest and enjoy time with family and friends. Houses are the foundation of the peoples’ future. They are the exterior reflections of our inner thoughts. House is the supportive environment in which people grow and discover themselves, and they are designed to provide complete comfort to humans.

By Deepika