Essay on Importance of Technology

If you are someone who loves keeping up with the latest cellphones, music software, or even computer software programs, then you know that having this new wave of technology has become more of a trend over the years. From communicating with anyone in the world to keeping track of the latest forms of entertainment online, technology is becoming more of a way to communicate and trend, with younger generations having more fun with it. The scientific knowledge of applications used for practical purposes, technology will only become more advanced as the years go on. The people who enjoy new ways to trend with technology will see a change in the way things are done at work, school, and at home. For many, it will be a welcoming of something new, while others will respect the new technology, but still want what they are used to. Technology is the promise of a new way to see the world.

Importance of Technology

Even though today’s world has seen the growth of technology since the start of it in the previous years, there is more to it being of great importance to than world, other than it provides a form of entertainment. Some important reasons for having technology include:

  • Our needs are met with even greater ease with the use of technology.
  • Advanced growth in agriculture is because of technology. More food is produced and this gives the world more ease at knowing that there is less worry about the production of food because of technology.
  • The development of engineering and architecture with buildings and other robust structures is all because of technology and the advancement of it.
  • More employment opportunities have grown because of technology. More jobs involving computers and computer programs have definitely grown to be in more demand over the years.
  • Faster modes of transportation and communication are due to technology. With trains, automobiles, and planes becoming more advanced with travel, the world is seeing a more convenient and comfortable way to travel in the world more safely. Even communication is better, with cell phones becoming more advanced with more intriguing features on how to communicate more easily.
  • Research in everything from genetics to extraterrestrial activity has been by boosted by technology. In the last 100 years, the world has seen history in a new way with the advancements of technology.
  • Internet and computer use has changed every way of life in every way. There is more knowledge on the computer, with people around the world being able to learn about everything from entertainment to tourism.
  • Electric power, such as heat, is also because of technology. Fossil fuels, nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, and combustion, has been what has come from the technology being introduced into the world.
  • Technology has made learning more fun and interesting in schools and colleges. New methods of learning is applied because of the breakdown of subjects in detail is made possible by technology. Online classes have also become a trend for those who can not attend school or for those who love remote learning.
  • Advanced software programs have made running a business easy with the advancement of technology. With programs, made for accounting and communicating, business owners are able to operate their business more effectively.
  • Diagnosing dangerous diseases have been made possible with the use of technology.
  • Along with the diagnosing of dangerous diseases, have come the vaccines, drugs, and medications through technology that has also helped the world. The research of different medications and vaccines helps with knowing what will work in the human body.
  • Technology has also seen the advancement of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers. With more advanced machines in hospitals used to save lives, patients stand a better chance of survival with their illnesses.
  • The advancement of self-defense in many countries has been because of the growth and advancement in technology. The development of missiles, fighter planes, choppers, and other weapons have been created by technology to fight off foreign invasions of countries around the world.
  • Being able to file paperwork electronically in any business has been provided by technology, making keeping track of everything in business easier. In the earlier years, businesses kept track of consumers they loaned money to by use of file cabinets. Now, computers and technology have made it easier.

Since the earlier years of technology, the world has seen their way of life change in every way. From learning to defense, technology continues to grow and we continue to learn from it. The years have shown us the positives and negatives of being a technology-driven world, but we have also learned how to embrace and move ahead in the world with the use of technology. The coming years will only make technology more advanced for more growth in every industry worldwide.

By Leatra