Essay on Importance of Television in Our Life

Over the years television has become a way of being entertained. Whether watching a television show, movie, or sporting event, television has become the way that the many families come together and enjoy each other’s company. News events of tragedies in the world and watching televised political campaigns have also been something that has grown in popularity. A device used to transmit visual images and sound on a screen, television has been the center of entertainment for many years. Watching television also helps us determine our likes and dislikes with everything from food to clothing. Since the invention of the television, the world has changed and people are able to see each other in a different way. Children are also able to enjoy television differently. With educational programs and cartoons, children are able to learn more and in a more unique way. Television will always be what brings families together when gathering for dinners and holidays.

Importance of Television in Our Life

Besides being entertained by our favorite actors and actresses, television has become a way to learn about each other. However, there are other reasons television is important in our lives. Some of these reasons are:

  • Television has become an important way to communicate.
  • It has become a way for people to learn about others living in other countries. People can keep track of current affairs of what is going on in the world through television.
  • Television is also used for letting the world know what the weather is. Knowing the weather before leaving your house is what will help your day started.
  • Younger generations today use television to learn about everything from news to education. Many of the youth in today’s world lack patience when reading books, which is why they turn to television.
  • Television can be spiritually enriching. There are religious shows that fill homes every Sunday with preachers who spread the word of spiritual fulfillment.
  • You can learn to speak a new language by watching television. Television not only shows the people of different parts of the world but also teaches you the language of the world also.
  • Learning through educational programs have become a popular way to learn and advance in the world. With channels like Nationals Geographic and The Discovery Channel, the world continues to learn more and more.
  • Television is a source of recreation for many. Funny shows and films keep the time of television light and fun. It is a reason that many families come together to watch television.
  • Research has proven that funny shows and films on television lowers blood pressure. Watching a funny and entertaining television program after a long day at work will keep you relaxed.
  • Time watching television with others can help with forming closer bonds and building stronger relationships with those closest to you.
  • Television allows younger people to share cultural experiences. Realizing the background that we all come from helps younger generations go out into the world with an understanding and respect of the cultures of others.
  • Even though many younger generations try to escape reading by watching television, some young people have been drawn more to books by watching television. An interesting television show or movie may start off as a book, which makes young television watchers more intrigued in knowing the backstory of how the television show or movie came to be.
  • Life lessons and values can be taught through television. When young people can relate to their favorite characters seen on television, then seeing them in certain scenarios on television may help them make better life decisions.
  • A wider view of music and art is introduced to younger people through television. With more music and art being the center of entertainment, many young people are becoming more intrigued by what makes entertainment beautiful.
  • Television is used for a great deal of advertising. Products and services are advertised every day through television to show consumers why it is their products and services are needed in life.

Television has changed the way people see the world and others in the world. From being entertained by shows to finding out about the events of the world, television is how we know about each other and about the different parts of the world. We learn how to talk to each other through television. Unfortunately, there are some bad habits about television, but once we get past our differences, many will see that television can bring others together and help with seeing past our differences.

By Leatra