Essay on Importance of Time

How do your spend your time? Are you someone who works? Or maybe go to school? Do you spend your days being a homemaker? Time for many people is something that is spent making sure that they are making a living for their households. However, in your free time, you might want to spend your time on your hobby, such as reading a book, or gardening. A measurable quantity involving a sequence of events that happens from past to present, time is something that helps people remember anything from everyday events to the most cherished memories. Whether you are graduating from high school, getting married, going off to college, or having a baby, time is something that all people remember in their lives when they do not want to forget the most important events. Remembering certain times in your life, is what make many people embrace living. Time is something that should be valued by every person.

Importance of Time

Even though many people do not embrace the time given to them in their lives, time carries great importance to everyone. Some important things about time include:

  • Time is important in one way because depending on you do, time is limited. When you go to work, there may be something that needs to be done in a certain amount of time.
  • When taking control of your time, you can get a lot more done. If you are new at working, time will allow you to get better at what you do with less effort.
  • Having time to relax is very important. It helps you unwind from work and school and is a requirement when trying be relieve stress after working all day.
  • Practicing good time-management when doing those important projects is another important reason for keeping track of time. Procrastination with things can hurt you in many different ways if you are do not manage your time wisely.
  • Reducing stress is something that can be done over a short period of time if it is done right. Time gives you the opportunity to enjoy being stress free.
  • Practicing timeboxing is a way to prioritize what you have to do in the time you have in your day. Timeboxing involves a time period being fixed to work on a specific task until it is finished.
  • Taking a break throughout your day after working all day or working on a project is good for your time. It is important with time management also, because you are not overworking yourself and you have time to decide what task needs to be completed first. So while working taking a 30 minute break is a good way to not overexert yourself .
  • Being productive in your day is a good way to take advantage of the time in your day. Whether you are cleaning your house or working, being a productive in your day shows that you appreciate your time.
  • With better control of your time, you feel more fulfilled, which is another reason why time is important. If you use your time productively, you feel like you have done a lot in your day.
  • With time and better time management, you may have more energy. This also means that if you keep yourself busy, you may find that your day gives you more energy.
  • Time creates memories with people in their lives when they want to remember the things that made their moments important.
  • Time allows you the opportunity to develop more qualities. Over time you are able to obtain more patience, persistence, and self discipline along with other qualities.
  • Time also allows you to enjoy life more. If you have more time on your hands are you are able to embrace time with free time with your favorite activities.
  • Even though having memories of a time in the past can be great, it is also good to leave the past in the past and look forward to the future. Embracing the present is also a good thing to do when you think about how important time is.
  • Finally, time is important, because our entire lives revolves around time. From going to work to planning a trip, it involves time and when you want to do it. Time is also important when you are planning for retirement or even applying for life insurance. It doesn’t matter what you do in your life, because time is what makes it possible.

Time is something that everyone should value, but only few appreciate. It is something that many people love, because they plan their lives around every moment in time. However, the only way to truly appreciate time and the moments in your life is to embrace it.

By Leatra