Essay on Importance of Traffic Rules

Is safety a number one priority when you drive? For many drivers, the rules of the road are always something that is important when driving. Good drivers always follow the rules of the road makes sure that everyone in their car is buckled up safely. Drivers who follow the rules of the road have respect for other drivers as well as pedestrians. They understand that driving is a privilege, not a right. This means that good drivers will follow every rule and law and practice them. Traffic rules, which are laws and informal rules are that have developed over time, are meant to help with the flow of traffic. Some drivers are developed into being great drivers after years of driving, while others pick it up quite easily. Traffic rules are something that may take a while to learn, but once you do, you will be considered a good driver on the road.

Importance of Traffic Rules

There are many different rules and laws that make up the road, but many do not understand the importance of traffic rules and why they must be followed.

  • It is important to follow traffic rules to avoid accidents. Over the years car accidents have become increasingly deadly with the lives men, women, and children being claimed.
  • It is important to show children how to behave whether they are in the car or walking where cars are driven regularly. Children should be seated and buckled in properly while they are in the car and when walking they should always be with an adult or know to cross at a crosswalk. Looking both ways before crossing the street is another way to cross the street properly. Watching for children and other pedestrians are very important when driving.
  • Being aware of traffic signs and symbols is a way to keep everyone safe on the road. Knowing the three different kinds of signs will help with making you a better driver. The mandatory, cautionary, and informatory signs help with enlightening drivers about road conditions and instruct drivers what to do at railroad crossings and relevant junctions.
  • Making sure that no one has any part of their body hanging out of the window, is another important traffic rule to follow. People who stick their body parts outside of the window risk the chance of a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and hitting them. This unfortunate event can lead to a life-altering injury and even death.
  • Practicing defensive driving in all weather conditions is always something that needs to be done when on the road. You never know the experience other people have on the road when driving. This is why all drivers should practice driving defensively.
  • Properly use lights and the horn when necessary. Alerting other drivers and pedestrians with your horn can help with making you a better driver. Using your lights is also another way to keep make sure you are practicing safe Other drivers and pedestrians need to be aware of an oncoming car when they are driving or walking.
  • Always wearing your seatbelt is a must when driving. You never know what will happen when you are on the road. A car accident is not always the fault of the defensive driver.
  • Maintaining a safe distance when you drive is important to do while behind the wheel because an accident can always happen if you or the other driver stops abruptly.
  • Using your mirrors brings more safety to driving when on the road. You should always use your mirrors, especially when backing out and changing lanes.
  • Make sure that you do not-over speed when driving. Going too fast when driving can cause an accident if you cannot make a sudden stop fast enough or if a child runs into the street.
  • Having good road sense is what is supposed to be used for every trip on the road. Being considerate of others when driving and being cautious is the best way to make sure that every trip you make is a good one.
  • Developing and having good nerve control when driving is a good way to practice safe rules of the road. A great deal of being a good driver is having good reflexes. These reflexes help with preventing accidents.
  • Slowing down before turning when coming to a stop will help you with not having to worry about if you lose control of your car or something else happens that is beyond your control.
  • Being extra careful on congested roads will help with making sure that you don’t have an accident or hit a pedestrian.
  • Practicing patience while driving is a good rule to remember when driving. While many people have road rage because of their impatience with other drivers and pedestrians, it is always good to have patience when driving. There may be something happening with the other driver or on the road that is beyond their control.

Even though driving can be hectic and takes a lot of caution, becoming a good driver is something that is developed over years, patience, and following the rules of the road. Safety should not only be practiced when driving but also when walking. Keeping an open mind to learn and be aware when driving never gets old.

By Leatra