Essay on Importance of Trees

Do you like trees? Do you enjoy taking in the beauty of them every time you go outside? A perennial plant with branches and stems, trees help people and animals in many different ways. Even though they provide beauty in their own way, trees are also homes to many species as well as balances the life on earth for every living thing. Trees have been proven to help with healing people all over the world and do everything from reducing violence to helping with keeping the soil from becoming eroded. Whether you are intrigued by trees because of their unique beauty or appreciate them for the lives they help to give to the world, trees continue to teach us and show us the importance they have to the world. Along with many other contributions trees bring to the world, they give life, provide oxygen, clean the air, and combat climate change.

Importance of Trees – Essay 1

Cleaning the air and providing oxygen are just some of the things that make trees important to the world. Some of the other reasons why trees are important to the world include:

  • Saving Water – Water evaporation is slowed by trees from lawns.
  • Conserve Energy – Trees placed around a home can reduce the need to use an air conditioner. This is good for homes and families.
  • Water Pollution is prevented – Trees help with preventing water pollution Stormwater is prevented from taking pollutants into the ocean. Trees act as a sponge that absorbs stormwater uses this water to restore groundwater supplies.
  • Less mental fatigue – Mental fatigue is reduced as well with exposure to trees.
  • Provide Food – Apple trees can provide up to 15 to 20 bushels of fruit a year. Food for birds and other animals are also provided by trees.
  • Property Value Increase – With well planted trees in the neighborhood and on the property value of a property can raise the property value by at least 15 percent
  • Wood Provided – In some rural and suburban areas, wood is used for fuel and craft.
  • Cool Streets and City – By shading the streets and homes, water vapor is released through the leaves of a tree. This helps in keeping the city cool.
  • New Identity – Trees in a neighborhood can give it a new look or identity. This new look gives the neighborhood more pride.
  • Marking Seasons – The trees will tell you what season it is throughout the year.
  • Economic Opportunities – Fruit grown on trees are sold, which provides income for those who harvest them. Trees also provide green waste management and landscaping opportunities with small businesses.
  • Protects Children from Ultra-Violet Rays – Trees reduce UVB exposure by 50 percent and protects children who spend a great deal outside.
  • Blocking Noise – Trees muffle the sounds from streets and highways. Trees also mask concrete walls and unsightly views.

Trees are a part of our day to day lives and in some places, they are not appreciated as much as they should be. Their unique beauty has shown that trees are truly important to the world, with them providing oxygen all over the world. The fight for saving them and keeping them from being cut down is one that people continue to do, but more education on their importance is needed.

By Leatra

Importance of Trees – Essay 2

There are a lot of reasons why trees are very important to us humans. With this in mind, what are some of the benefits derived from trees which make planting trees a must? These reasons would most likely include;

  • Plants Practically Give Us Life: if you are wondering why you survive each day, make sure that you do not forget trees. Humans depend on vegetation in order to survive. These vegetation produce oxygen which humans breathe every moment. Therefore, failure to plant trees would mean much less oxygen around for humans to breathe. This, therefore, makes the planting of trees of paramount importance. As far as humans want to keep breathing, more trees have to be planted every day.
  • They Provide Comfort from The Heat: no one can hate the gentle breeze which blows when you are right under a tree. This shows that trees are also very useful when it comes to relaxation and comfort. Trees can easily keep an individual protected from the sun and the rain to a very large extent. If you are not careful, you could even fall asleep under the tree. Why stop planting trees when they provide man with natural relaxation technique medium?
  • Plants Are Needed Economically: most countries around the world today make use of plants for economical purposes. Their agricultural system is one of their major export avenues. One of the major segment of agriculture happens to be trees. Most trees today produce not just food but other raw materials such as cocoa which is the major ingredient used in the production of chocolate. If trees were not planted on a regular basis, raw materials which are available on the earth would surely be able to feed the entire with enough time given to them. Therefore, most countries today yearn to pay attention to the plantation of trees in order to make sure that their economy never wades due to the absence of trees.
  • They Provide Us With Food: over 90% of man’s food today comes from plants and vegetation. If you stop planting trees, it would be like you are indicating you would like to starve. With the number of persons who are brought into this world with each passing day, it would become a big ask to feed the entire world with fewer trees around. Planting more trees is the only way we can make sure that the future is well equipped to survive well when it comes to matters relating to food. Therefore, it is necessary to keep planting as many trees as you can.

By Caleb

Last updated on May 7, 2020