Essay on Importance of Work


Are you someone who likes to work? Do you have a job you are passionate about or are you working somewhere that you feel does not show your fullest potential? While some people see work as a tedious part of their day that they want to be over as soon as it begins, others are pushed to work towards something they have always wanted. Many people may work for a living to pay off bills, but others are working towards buying a dream car or home. The achievement of a purpose or result involving mental or physical effort, work is something that everyone should do to learn responsibility. Work is something that gives you pride and dignity as well as appreciation in what you earn. You are able to achieve more in life with the hard work you do. If you have ever wanted to go to college or go on a vacation, then working hard will help you do it.

Importance of Work

Even though many people work to pay their bills and provide stability in their lives, there are other important reasons to work. Some of these reasons include:

  • An inner creative joy is created with work. You feel like you have accomplished something with each work day.
  • Working saves you from a life of boredom and dullness. Sitting at home day in and day out without a job will make you bored and make you yearn for more to do.
  • Energy is put to proper use with work. You should use your energy to work and not just spend your days sitting around. With unused energy, there is a chance that disorders can be created in your body.
  • Life is more meaningful and peaceful when working. You feel like you have accomplished more when you work.
  • You are more tired when you do not have a job or when time is left idle.
  • Work is needed to live life. You need money for bills, food, clothes, and all of the other necessities in life.
  • Work brings a certain kind of joy to life. Working can make you happy because you are able to accomplish more in life when working.
  • Work increases productivity. Working every day will make you more productive as well as give you the energy to be productive.
  • You more well rounded when you work. In the workforce you are able to pick up different skills as well as learn how to communicate with others.
  • Working motivates you to contribute to the community. You are able to donate to those who are less fortunate and feel good about yourself once you do contribute.
  • You are able to develop a better record of employment when you work. People are more likely to hire you if you keep a good record of employment.
  • When you work you have more respect for yourself and you feel more self-worth. You know what your value is when working.
  • Work challenges you. When you work, your skills and abilities are challenged. Working makes you better and your skills are improved.
  • Working gives you better socialization skills and you are also able to network for better opportunities in your career.
  • Your mental health is better when you work. You are always alert when you work and you are also always mentally healthy.

Working may have its time of making you tired, but you will be happy that you have worked. Your skills will give you a better chance to be a better worker. Pushing yourself to work will only show you more benefits as time goes on.

By Leatra