Essay on My Favorite Festival

My Favorite Festival

My Favorite Festival is “Deepavali” which is popularly known as the festival of lights. It gives me joy when the popular festival is around the corner. Diwali is taken from a Sanskrit word meaning series of lights. We celebrate Diwali to mark the victory of good over evil and hope over despair. On the day of Diwali, I burst a lot of crackers, go to the temple to offer my prayers, and celebrate the festival along with my family. We keep our homes clean and lit lamps or clay diyas and decorate the houses.

In the olden days Diwali was celebrated using traditional earthen diyas (candles) and decorated their houses with colourful Rangoli patterns created using coloured powders. Nowadays people are too fond of firecrackers which cause pollution to our mother earth. We purchase new clothes to mark the festival and distribute food and goods to those who need it. It is a very old tradition to ensure our homes are clean because Diwali is just triumph of light over darkness. At home, we purchase a wide variety of sweets or prepare them at home which makes me mouth-watering. I get up early in the morning and apply oil over their body and then take bath. Pujas are performed by all the family members to bring peace and prosperity, wealth and wisdom.

My family celebrates Diwali by performing rituals early in the morning followed by other preparations. The festival is widely celebrated in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Karnataka.

The aim of Diwali is to eradicate the spiritual darkness in us and glow up the inner light. We must keep in mind that Diwali is not a festival of crackers and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.

By Deepika