Essay on My Favorite Indian Food

My Favorite Indian Food

My Favorite Indian Food is ‘Dosa’. I love dosa and it is my most preferred breakfasts. It is well known that dosa is the defining dish of Indian cuisine. Dosa is known as the pancake of the Indian subcontinent. It is believed dosa had its origin in the Udupi town. In Tamil Nadu, dosa was initially thicker and softer but in Karnataka, it was thin and crispy. I like making Dosa from fermented batter whose main ingredients are rice and black gram. And, I prefer dosa with sambar and chutney.

Preparation of Dosa batter

The mixture of rice to black gram is 4:1. First, we need to soak this mixture in water after which it is grinded finely to form the batter. I allow this mixture to ferment overnight after which water is added to get the correct consistency. Dosa is high in carbohydrates and it is also rich in proteins as black gram is a key ingredient.

The many avatars of dosa

Innovative minds of the chefs in India led to the discovery of various dosa varieties. I have listed some of the dosa varieties below.

  • Paper dosa is a very thin crispy dosa. I serve it along with sambar and chutney.
  • Masala dosa has a spicy potato filling with red chutney. This dosa is crunchy from both the sides.
  • Rava dosa is made from semolina, all-purpose flour, and rice flour. The semolina adds to the extra crunch.
  • Podi dosa is both tasty and nutritious, which is made with mixing spices and herbs. The aroma of podi dosa is unique.
  • Neer dosa is famous for its softness. It is prepared as a watery batter with the goodness of rice and coconut which makes it spongy.

Nowadays restaurants have a variety of dosa recipes in their menu by stuffing mushroom, paneer, chicken, mutton, cauliflower, palak, soy, and egg. Dosa is cheap and tasty which makes it my personal preference. Indian style variations on dosa make it popular abroad. The longest dosa entered the Guinness Book of World Records measuring 16.68 m (54 ft 8.69 in). It was achieved by Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and Naturralle Refined Sunflower Oil, prepared by Hotel Daspalla in Hyderabad.

By Deepika