Essay on Nature: Meaning and Importance

Do you love plants and animals? Do you love the way nature smells when the seasons change? Many people love nature and love exploring outside, in hopes of seeing the true beauty of plants and animals.

Meaning of Nature

Nature is something that is truly taken in unless you have the opportunity of being outside every day. With nature including all of the plants, animals, or all of the forces and processes in the world that happens independently, nature is all around us and are things that cannot be controlled.

Nature is something that we have all enjoyed. Some may enjoy a rainy day, while others enjoy being outside on a nice sunny day. Either way, nature is one of the things that make life truly beautiful. If you really want to enjoy it, sit and take it in. Embrace the chirping birds and blue sky as well as green trees and sunlight. Enjoy nature!

Importance of Nature

Along with enjoying nature and taking in the sun, there are other things about nature that make in important to everyone. Some of these things are:

  • Nature cleans the air so that we can breathe. Having fresh air in nature means there are no toxicity in the air that can kill animals or cause health problems.
  • Everything in the natural systems or cycles maintains an equilibrium. Nature is supposed to be what is supposed to maintain it.
  • Nature generates food so that humans and animals can eat. Without nature, food such as vegetables and fruit will not grow.
  • Nature is also responsible for cleaning water so that we can drink it. Humans and animals depend on clean water so that we can live and survive on.
  • If trees are cut down, the land will not be able to hold as much water. This can affect everyone in the world.
  • Nature plays a part in the trees holding the soil gallon
  • Trees covering the ground keeps the sun from drying the soil out too quickly. If the soil gets dried out, nothing is able to regrow.
  • Without nature helping with keeping the trees and soil protected, cattle cannot be grazed on the land and therefore crops cannot be grown.
  • Nature regulates everything in the environment.
  • Everything that is evolved is co-dependent and it includes us.
  • We are designed to live on what nature produces.
  • Nature brings our senses to life. Over the years scientists have found that humans can track scent alone.
  • Nature also has a way of building community bonds. Researchers have found that when people have relationships with each other values community.

Nature is a beauty to be taken in and appreciated. It gives us hope to do better in life as well as better with our surroundings. Without nature, life would be affected in ways that would change the lives of animals and people in the worst ways. Many living things would come close to or become extinct without nature. The passing years have shown how much we need nature and how much it would affect us if we did have it.

By Leatra