Essay on Responsibility – Meaning and Importance

Responsibility – Meaning

Being a responsible person comes in many different ways for many different situations. Responsibility means something different to different people. Some people see responsibility as working hard and paying bills, while others see responsibility as taking care of their household or taking care of their children. There are also those who go to school to school and see this as being responsible. The duty to deal with or have control over someone, responsibility can be making sure that someone is safe or making sure that they have everything they need while in your care. Responsibility is what many people have developed in their lives, but what some run away from when they don’t want to be responsible for anything or anyone. Depending on what you are responsible for, responsibility can change your life. Being responsible not only changes your life but also makes you a better person who can be relied on by those closest to you.

Importance of Being Responsible

Even though there are those who run away from being responsible, it a quality that is important to have. Many people do not realize that there are important reasons for being responsible. Some of the reasons it is important to be responsible are:

  • You are not considered a victim, but a victor when you are responsible for what you do or when you go through something.
  • When you are responsible, you start to appreciate the things that happen for you and not to you.
  • Being responsible also means that you accept that you create your life and not react to it.
  • Being responsible also changes your energy into having a better state of mind.
  • It is important to take responsibility for thoughts, words, feelings, and actions. People who are responsible for their actions are looked up to. Being responsible for your words and actions means that no one can make you say or do anything.
  • Not taking anything personal after taking responsibility of a situation is another reason responsibility is important.
  • Being responsible shows a sign of maturity. Once you take responsibility for something and not blame others, you are showing that you are mature enough to accept a situation or be responsible for a person.
  • People trust you more when you take responsibility for something that happens. Along with them trusting you, they will admire you for being courageous and having dignity.
  • People who take responsibility for a mistake they have made shows others that they have grown and changed or are growing and changing.
  • Being responsible is important because accepting responsibility is setting a good example to the younger people around you on how important it is to accept what they are responsible for.
  • Without taking responsibility, you must realize that everything has consequences. If you don’t take responsibility for a mistake, there can be a horrible backlash and respect can be lost by others without you being responsible.
  • Not making excuses is also a way important when being responsible. Responsible people do not make excuses for why something went wrong or why they made a mistake. They just accept it.
  • Responsible people are also able to admit when they might not be right. They accept being wrong being responsible for being wrong.

Many people may run away from being responsible, but there are some who accept it and the consequences that come with it. Responsibility is a quality that is respected by a lot of people because it is not something that many people have the courage to have. A responsible person will always be adored by those closest to them. People will always look at responsible people as the ones who make things right.

By Leatra