Essay on TV Commercials: Meaning, Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you know how TV channels makes income? It is simple; they let brands, companies and organization promote their product or service in exchange of money. According to Hypodermic Needle theory, Television has a very great impact on the audience and that is the reason why many companies prefer to advertise by this medium

Meaning of TV Commercials

A television commercial, also known as TV advertising is a short clip made by the ad agency to promote the brand or organization by the medium of Television and are usually shown during the Ad breaks.

The paid form of promotion of any product, service or idea in Television to attract your target audience.

Advantages of TV Commercials

  • It improves the lifestyle of the people by giving them inspiration.
  • They have the power to attract a larger group of audience
  • They tend to catch the people’s attention more because it consist of both audio and visual.
  • TV Commercial can be cheaper in comparison to other advertisement methods.
  • If you choose the right channel and time slot, you can get the attention of more target group audience.
  • It helps in building the image of a brand or an organization.
  • Audience can emotionally connect to the good advertisement.
  • It gets the attention of a larger number of audience.
  • You can choose in which region you want to advertise according to your target group.
  • They have better power to create a long term impression in the mind of people.

Disadvantages of TV Commercials

  • Audience have a tendency to skip channel during the advertisement which makes the commercial go to waste.
  • Creating a TV Commercial can be costly.
  • As it is broadcast to a larger audience, you cannot be sure whether it is reaching to your desired target audience or not.
  • It becomes difficult to make changes in a TV commercial in comparison to the Print media.
  • As the commercial last only for 30 seconds, it is possible people miss it. Unless you advertise it quite often, which will surely be a lot costly.
  • If your commercial is not that entertaining or creative, it does not make any impact on the audience because there are so many fishes on the lake that you have to be unique to be remembered.
  • Due to the advancement of technology, people can now easily fast forward or skip the advertisement which is surely the loss for the company.

Even though TV commercials have few disadvantages, it’s major plus point is that they are very creative and imaginative, that is the reason there are many advertisements which are very popular among the people.

By Revaa