How to Prevent Environmental Pollution? – Essay

The earth is polluted in numerous ways and preventing pollution to save mother earth is an open challenge to the people. Pollution is the insertion of impurities and pollutants into the natural environment causing vast changes. Pollution causes an imbalance of the environment and instability in the natural ecosystem. As inhabitants of the earth, people must be aware of the impending danger and take immediate measures to preserve the earth for the next generation. Some of the environmental pollutions are air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, thermal pollution, deforestation, acid rain, and global warming. This essay gives some tips on how to prevent environmental pollution.

How to Prevent Environmental Pollution?

  • Avoid using cars and scooters even for short distances and use a bicycle, which does not emit any toxic substance into the air. Riding a bicycle helps to maintain a fit and healthy body.
  • Create a green space in the home. Plant trees outside and get small indoor plants which refresh the air regularly.
  • Governments should monitor the emissions from the industries and check whether they are below the prescribed levels.
  • Ensure the electric appliances are switched off when not in use.
  • Organic farming should be adopted, and the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides should be stopped.
  • Cutting down trees and forests for human expansion must be strictly prohibited.
  • People should reconnect with nature and use renewable sources of energy.
  • Vehicles, both public and private transportation must be checked regularly for pollution emission.
  • Industrial wastes should not be dumped in the rivers or lakes. This would also prevent the unnecessary death of the living organisms in the rivers.
  • Establishment of sewage treatment plants should be encouraged.
  • Unnecessary horning of vehicles should be checked and fine should be imposed.
  • Large vehicles should not be permitted to enter the city limits which results in congestion.
  • Eco-friendly chemicals must be used to wash utensils, clothes, cars, and buildings.
  • Medicines should be properly disposed. Flushing of medicines should be avoided as they damage ecosystem.
  • Water usage for daily household chores must be checked. Leakage in pipes must be repaired.
  • Decompose fallen leaves and green scraps from the kitchen, this improves the soil fertility.
  • Avoid usage of plastic bags and replace them with cloth and bio-degradable bags.
  • An appropriate waste disposal system must be installed in every house.
  • Genetically modified crops cause damage both to the soil and the people who consume it. They must be banned permanently.

Creating Awareness

Many people are not even aware that their daily routine habits have contributed to pollution. The public should be educated about the effects of pollution and the methods to prevent pollution. Pollution should never be considered as the inevitable curse to humans due to the advancements in science and technology. Reduce, reuse and recycle policy must be applied to preserve the environment. Averting the onset of pollution in every field helps in promoting the greenness of the earth. Schools should educate children about the importance of planting more trees and protecting natural resources.

There is no instant method to prevent environmental pollution and it cannot be achieved overnight. People should adopt good and healthy practices to ensure that the waste they contribute is minimal and degradable. Thousands of years ago the quality of the air, water, soil and food was healthy, and there were very few diseases. Due to the pollution of the environment, the pollutants enter the human body indirectly causing many deadly diseases. Every person is a part of society and everyone should work together in preserving the earth for a better living. The government, industries and the consumers should take an oath to curb pollution.

By Deepika