Importance Water in Human Life – Essay

Ever since the beginning of time, water has always been something that people in the world have needed. Odorless, tasteless, and transparent, water is used for just about everything for the survival of all life in the world. Water is such an important part of the world, which some organisms are made up of 90% water. Up to 60% of the human body is water. From lubricating joints to flushing the wastes out the human body, water is vital to the survival of living. Even though water is something that all living organisms need, not everyone or everything has access to it. The only way to fix making sure that everyone has water is to for the world leaders to provide a way for people to have water. Unfortunately, many countries do not have or will not provide the resources for the people in their countries to get water. So with every year that passes, people fight to get water.

Importance Water in Human Life

There is more important reasons to have water other than drinking it. Some of these reasons are:

  • Regulating the temperature of your body, water is used to keep your body balanced an maintained with the temperature. Body temperature has to be maintained for many people so that their blood pressure does not rise or so that they are not overexerted.
  • Water is used to keep tissues in your body moist. Keeping your body hydrated will keep your energy up. The moisture of your tissue is especially important for your blood, bones, and brain.
  • Water is used to excrete waste through urination, perspiration, and defecation. Your body is constantly cleaning itself because of the water in your body.
  • Water helps with keeping you from getting constipated. Your stool is softened and food can easily be moved through your intestines for digesting with water.
  • Water is also needed for saliva, which helps with digestion and the breaking down of food. Water also helps with the digestion of soluble fiber.
  • You are less likely to become dehydrated with enough water in your body.
  • Physical performance is maximized with water in your body. When a person’s body is adequately hydrated, they have more strength, power, and endurance.
  • Having water in your body helps with the absorption of nutrients. Helping with dissolving vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from your food, vitamin components to the rest of the body because of the intake of water.
  • Losing weight has a lot to do with drinking water. Drinking more water may help with losing the extra pounds if you have been trying to lose weight.
  • The blood oxygen in your body is better circulated because water carries nutrients and oxygen throughout your entire body. Your overall health is improved with enough intake of water.
  • Drinking enough water helps fight off illnesses. Some of the illnesses prevented with the intake of enough water include urinary tract infection and hypertension.
  • Water helps with keeping the skin bright. Drinking water reduces the effects of aging. It also helps protect you from the sun.

While many people do not know the true importance water has to the human body, it is important to know that every function of the body is made possible because of water. Your health can be better maintained with more water intake. Overall, your mood, energy, and attitude towards better healthy living start with drinking more water.

By Leatra