My Family – Short Paragraph

I live in a joint family which includes my grandfather, grandmother, parents, brother and elder uncle & aunt and their two children. Its big family but we are all very close to each other. I am the youngest of all the children, so I get everyone’s affection and care.

  • My father and my uncle run a medical shop together. It is located near our house.
  • My mother and my aunt are both homemakers, and they take care of everything in the house.
  • My brother and the two cousin brothers are all of the same age and are elder to me. They study in the same school as me.
  • My grandparents is very old but lives a very active life. They help me in my studies also.
  • We eat dinner together at our house. My mother and aunt cook the food while we children also help them in setting up the table.
  • In our family, we share everything between us. We stand strong together during hard times.

The family is of the utmost importance in life, and I am lucky to have a caring and understanding family.

By Saket