My Favourite Teacher – Short Paragraph

A teacher is someone who not only teaches us a particular subject but imparts us knowledge of essential life lessons. My Favourite teacher is Ms Shipla. She teaches us the subject of social studies and is also our class teacher.

  • Ms Shilpa is an excellent teacher. She makes sure that everyone understands the basics of the topic.
  • She stays far from the school and travels with us on the school bus.
  • She carries her extra books in her bag.
  • Ms Shilpa has excellent teaching skills and is very patient and at times humorous also.
  • She is very punctual and enters the class 5 minutes before it starts and expects the students to do the same.
  • I always go to the class on time and adequately finish all my homework. She gives us chocolates when we do well in studies.
  • She is strict when I comes to studies but instead of scolding when someone doesn’t complete their homework, she explains to them the importance of doing work time.

Because of her social studies is my favourite subject. She is a very enthusiastic and motivating person.

By: Saket