My House – Short Paragraph

My house is located in Mulund area of Mumbai. Name of my society is Ashray, and our house is a double story bungalow. My family of nine members lives together in this house. My uncle and his family live on the ground floor while my grandfather, parents and I and my brother live on the second floor.

  • We have a small garden after the entrance gate of our house.
  • We have planted various flowering plants like rose, lily, etc. in the garden.
  • The rooms in my house are big and very airy.
  • During the morning the sunlight comes directly into my room through the window which makes me feel fresh and energetic to start the day.
  • We have one kitchen in the house which is on the ground floor.
  • There is a common playground of the society in the center where all children play in the evening.
  • There are different shops near my home from where we can buy all the daily necessities.

House is a place where we live with joy and harm. I am lucky to be living in a house that is full of love and is very comfortable for living.

By Saket