My Lunch – Short Paragraph

Lunch is an essential meal of the day. I carry my lunch box every day to school as home-cooked food is the best source for replenishing energy in school during the daytime. Most of my classmates also bring their lunch from home while some of them buy food at the school canteen.

  • During our lunch break, we go to the school garden to have lunch.
  • We find a spot and all sit down in a circle with our lunch boxes.
  • My mother makes sure that I carry a nutritious meal and avoid consuming junk food.
  • I usually take three rotis and cooked vegetable which my mother makes in the morning.
  • My friends also carry similar kind of meal, and we all share the food in our group.
  • Saturdays lunch is the best as my mother packs vegetable sandwiches in my lunch box as the day is short.
  • Along with lunch, I bring juice or lemon water in my bottle to have during lunchtime.

A nutritionally balanced lunch is essential for growth and development. It also refreshes the mind and keeps the body energized for the rest of the day.

By Saket