Night before examination – Short Paragraph

A night before the examination is like a race against time. All the hard work and time spent for studying throughout the year is tested in one last exam. A day before the exam, I spend the whole day studying the books and my notes.

  • As the night falls, I am surrounded by my books, trying to go through every chapter one more time.
  • I revise the chapters at least twice before the morning exam.
  • My elder brother helps me out in clearing any last minute doubts on any topic.
  • After revision, I try solving some of the sample question papers which my brother later checks and highlights my mistakes.
  • The mistakes in answering the sample papers raise my nervousness to the peak, so to calm me down my mother gives me tea and tries to build my confidence.
  • Before sleeping, I pray to god to help me pass the examination.

I get over excited as well as extremely nervous before an exam. Excited as I know, I have studied as much I could and nervous as I fear skipped anything by mistake. But all this helps in doing well in the exam.

By Saket