Paragraph on Caring for the Elderly

Somebody has rightly said that “old-age is the second childhood”. When we were kids our parents held our hand and helped us take our first step, fed us food and did all our chores. This cycle comes again, but this time it is you who has to take care of them. When a person becomes old, it becomes difficult for them to manage all the work. So, is it not your duty to return the favour to them?

In today’s society when technology is growing each day, people are forgetting their basic values. It is important for the youth of the society to take care of the elderly people. Old age home is not the best way to take care of them when they have spent almost their entire life providing for your needs.

We should help all the elders in our family, this will make their life easier. The best thing anyone can do for an old person is to spend more time with them and by trying to involve them in fun activities.

Few ways to take care of an elderly person:

  • Involve them in the social gathering, especially which involves all the family members.
  • Try spending more time with them, i.e.; going on a walk, watching television or simply playing the board games.
  • Try motivating them to exercise to stay healthy and if possible join them when they are doing it.
  • You can make your house more elderly friendly by putting grab bars near the toilet seat and shower.
  • Keep a track of their meals and medicines because elderly people tend to forget it. Hire a help if necessary because they will have someone constantly around to look after them. Do a proper background check of the help before hiring.

By Revaa