Paragraph on Our village

When we think about the village, the first thought that comes to our mind is close to nature, fresh air and a quiet place. Many people believe that it is difficult to live in a rural area without the modern amenities.

We visit our village during the summer breaks. The life in a village is very different compared to cities.

  • Our village has beautiful small houses. Every house has a cemented square space outside the gate around which small plants are there.
  • There is one road which goes across the houses, and many shops are present around it.
  • At the entrance of the village, there is an ancient and large banyan tree. During summers people sit under to keep themselves fresh.
  • A small stream water stream passes from the edge of the village. We go there every day to have a bath as the water is very clean, clear and cold.
  • There are many types of trees around the village which bear beautiful flowers and delicious fruits which we pluck using stones and sticks.
  • Everybody is friendly to each other in the village. It feels like the whole village is like one large family.

Village life teaches us valuable lessons. The most important lesson is that of cohabitating peacefully with other people and animals.

By: Saket