Paragraph on Water Pollution – Causes, Effects, Control measures

Water is one of the basic necessities in the lives of human, animals and plants as one cannot live without it. The Earth is covered with more than 70% of water bodies but by the rate with which human is polluting them, the day is not far away when there will be no pure water available.

What causes Water Pollution?

  • Disposing everything in the water bodies and the connectivity of all the sewage system in the water bodies.
  • Harmful chemicals are released by the factories in the water bodies.
  • Oil spills are very frequent when we export oil by sea routes.

What are the effects of Water Pollution?

  • There is lesser amount of fresh water stock available and people get sick by drinking contaminated water.
  • Groundwater get mixed with the contaminated water which leads to many disease when people drink water from hand pumps and wells from such areas.
  • It can lead to extinction of many marine life.
  • There are more chances for floods to occur.

How to control Water Pollution?

  • Do not throw any waste in the water bodies.
  • Don’t flush chemical or any harmful things.
  • Ask factory owners to clean the waste before realizing it in the rivers or sea.
  • Don’t use fertilizer and pesticides as it gets mixed in soil and gets contaminated with the underground water.

By Revaa