Short Essay on Dance

Dancing is something that goes back to the beginning of time. No one knows the true history of it, but many think that dance started off as a ritual.

The ancient Egyptians used harps and pipes to dance before the gods. Dancing did not just touch the hearts of Egyptians, but also the Greeks in the 8th century B.C. at the games of Olympia. In 1400 B.C. Egyptians began to make dancing more of a way to be entertained. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the French and Italians welcomed ballet, which became a favorite form of dancing. Ballet became so popular that it spread around the world and became a dance form that the Russians loved.

After years of entertainment, Tango was soon introduced into the world, with the Europeans being the first to introduce this popular dance form before the First World War. The Tango became a form of dancing that took over the ballrooms, with dancers continuing to make it a favorite dance today. In the passing years, the world has seen the introduction of doo-wop dancing, salsa dancing, and more recently the growing popular dance practiced by many around the world, hip-hop. The 1970’s introduced a new world of dance, called hip-hop, which has continued to grow and become more intriguing in the passing years. In the coming years, the world will continue to enjoy and embrace the dance forms introduced by their favorite entertainers. Some dance forms may become more complex, while others will encourage everyone to join in. Whatever the dance routine is, it is a form of entertainment that will always be around for everyone. Whether the person is young or old, dancing will never be something that will not be entertaining.

By Leatra