Short Essay on Exercise – Meaning and Advantages


The time we hear the word exercise, the first thing that pops in our head is the physical activity but it has a more elaborate meaning then that. As Exercise is something that helps in the growth of the person, it can either be physical strength or mental strength. Anything that requires body movements or thought process can be considered as a part of an exercise, but the level of pressure everyone exerts can differ from person to person.

Thus, exercise is any activity which helps a person on their physical growth or mental growth.

What is Physical Exercise?

Talking about physical exercise, it helps a person to stay slim and flexible which directly leads to a better lifestyle.

  • Any activity which strains your body to achieve a better body shape or improve strength.
  • A training which requires a lot of body movements to improve your present physical appearance.
  • Anything that requires body strength to grow physically.
  • Putting strain on your body to achieve better physical strength and fitness.
  • An activity to improve your physical fitness or bring growth in your thinking process.

What is Mental Exercise?

Mental exercise helps a person to develop their reasoning skills and broaden their perspective towards analyzing things.

  • An activity, such as mediation, which helps a person to control their thought process.
  • Any activity which is new and complex and requires a lot of thinking.

Advantages of Exercise

  • It help a person to maintain weight.
  • Reduces the risk of any diseases.
  • It strengthen your bones and muscles which helps you to stay active.
  • Helps you to stay more positive.
  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Your skin improves as your body have better blood circulation.
  • Develops your reasoning skills.
  • Gives you more energy to manage daily chores.

By Revaa