Short Essay on Healthy Food – Meaning and Advantages

Meaning of Healthy Food

  • Food that has nutritional value and is good for your health.
  • The food which is organically grown and is free from any artificial ingredient is generally considered Healthy Food.
  • Food that helps in physical and mental growth of a person and is generally rich in fiber, vitamins and protein.

Advantage of eating healthy food

  • Helps you to stay fit and healthy.
  • Decreases the risk of getting any disease.
  • Prevents infections as your body’s immunity increases.
  • Makes you more positive towards life.
  • Your skin doesn’t get wrinkles or early ageing.
  • Increases your stamina.
  • You will have lesser food cravings.
  • Control Cholesterol and blood pressure issues.
  • Increases your lifespan.
  • Keeps more bones strong, which reduces frequent injuries.
  • Reduces stress.

Eating healthy can surely be a good for you as it will not only maintain your weight but also keep you away from any diseases.

By Revaa