Short Paragraph on Birthday of my best friend

My best friend’s name is Vinod. His celebrated his birthday last week. I first wished him when we met at the school on that day. He was thrilled, and we were all very excited to attend his birthday party in the evening. His parents had arranged his birthday party in the garden at his home.

  • My parents accompanied me to the party in the evening. We reached there on time.
  • Many balloons of different sizes and paper frills were hanging around the garden for decoration.
  • I went to Vinod and wished him and gave him the gift that I had brought for him. He was delighted and hugged me.
  • All of our children played games in the garden while all the parents sat together and chatted.
  • After some time, Vinod’s mother brought the cake and placed it on the centre table. We all sang the birthday song while he was cutting the cake.
  • We ate cake and other delicious snacks. While leaving the party, Vinod also gave me a lovely gift.

It was a very memorable day, and we all had a lot of fun.

By: Saket