Short Paragraph on Birthday

The day when a person is born is considered to be his/her birthday. People celebrate it each year at the same date.

A day when a something or someone comes into existence is known as birthday.

For children, birthdays are the most important occasions and they look forward each year to celebrate it. Many people throw big birthday parties but there are many people who like to celebrate it with their close ones only but be it any type of celebration, cake is a mandatory part of anyone’s birthday.

The best part about birthday’s, especially as a kid is that you receive a lots of gifts and surprises and your friends and family decorate your entire house with balloons and ribbons. This special day is a treat for everyone and is created with the loved ones. Although birthdays is an indication that you are getting old, yet people cherish the more mature and grown up version of themselves.

Every person have a different opinion on how they want to celebrate their birthday and this is what makes it special for each individual.

By Revaa