Short Paragraph on Charity

What does Charity means?

  • It is an act of selflessly giving someone something without expecting anything in return.
  • A Nobel gesture to support someone financially or materialistically.

Being a part of a society where everyone is not an equal in terms of financial status, it is always good deed if one could help or support the less fortunate ones because this will not only improves others living condition but will give them hope to look forward in life. It is not important that the charity should be of finance, it can also be of some material product or even a good gesture is welcomed.

Why Charity is important?

  • It helps many people in the society to survive.
  • The person who is making the charity gets blessings and their children and family gets encouraged to do the same.
  • Less fortunate kids gets an opportunity to gain education.
  • Many people get to fulfil their basic needs.

Charity is one of the most Nobel cause a person can do, especially when they have means and convenience to provide for the other person. This way people will at least not die due to the lack of basic necessities.

By Revaa