Short Paragraph on Clean India

Clean India also known as Swachh Bharat is an initiative towards making India a better place to live. This is an initiative by our honorable Prime Minister, who is continuously asking people to keep their surroundings clean. The campaign not only applies for the litter around but also for proper sanitation, constructing better roads and developing a good infrastructure. This campaign cover both rural and urban areas so that India can also develop like other countries.

The initiative was started on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi who has a great contribution on the freedom of India. A lot of campaign and advertisements has been published to motivate people to participate in this project. Even many schools and colleges have become a part of it, due to which plastic has completely been banned from all the national institutes. People are even asked to maintain separate dustbins for recycle-able and non-recyclable waste and a lot of public toilets have been developed.

This is not a campaign of a single person but of the entire nation which can only be successful if we all stand together.

By Revaa