Short Paragraph on Cricket Match

A competition of cricket between two teams is known as Cricket match. Normally there are 11 players in each side excluding one extra player.

Cricket has been worldwide famous since ages as it not only creates sportsmanship among the people but also bring countries together. The game is played with a bat and a ball between two teams in which each team gets a chance to do bowling and batting and the team with the highest points win the match. The craze of cricket has increased so much that people wait for IPL or world cups so that they can enjoy watching the matches.

The match usually starts with a toss and the winning team decides whether they want to go for batting or balling after which the match begins. There are a lot of rules and regulations which a player must abide by during the match.

It is one of the most interesting games as there are equal chances of any team to win and this game shows how a team can help in score better. The healthy competition is bringing the countries together since many years.

By Revaa