Short Paragraph on Dowry System

The culture of taking money from the bride’s parents by the grooms parents during a marriage is known as Dowry system.

Dowry system is a culture in which it is expected that a daughter will take money or materialistic value products to her husband’s house, although it has strongly been opposed by many people but it still prevails due to the mindset of people. Many married women suffer a lot due to this evil practice. This practice is so common that people don’t even consider it as a dowry but rather take it as a mandatory gift.

You may find it absurd but the only reason why every family wants a boy is because they will get money from another family as dowry, which will surely improve their financial status.

Even though today’s generation has broken their mindset and no one believes in social evils like dowry, but still there are many families who has strongly held tight this culture and are passing it to their next generation.

By Revaa