Short Paragraph on Durga Puja

Durga Puja is the most famous festival especially for Bengalis and is celebrated during the time of Navratri where people decorate huge pandals with the idol of Goddess Durga in the center. These idols takes month to be prepared by the artisans as even the slightest details are kept in mind while creating them.

The Pandals are usually made by the communities and are open for the visitors so that everyone can enjoy this festival. These nine days are celebrated with a lot of music and dance performed by people in the open areas which is a very magnificent view. For the people who wants to enjoy the occasion to its fullest, Kolkata is the best place to visit as the streets are filled with pandals and sweets so one can enjoy the occasion worshipping and eating.

During the last day of the Navratri, the idol of Goddess Durga is immersed (visarjit) in a river.

By Revaa