Short Paragraph on Experience of a Rainy Day

The Rainy days are most awaited season in many places as it is that time of the year when we are ready to say goodbye to the unpleasant heat of the sun and are looking forward for more pleasant weather. This is the reason why people welcome monsoons by singing and dancing, especially farmers who need water for their crops.

Kids enjoy the rain showers, jumping in the puddles and splashing water whenever they get an opportunity. This is the time when people enjoy being lazy and pampers themselves with a cup of tea with pakoras and chutney.

The monsoon rains are like a shower for the nature to as we can see the colors of nature getting more beautiful and breathtaking. We can say that during this time, earth is at its best condition as everything is getting purified. There are times when people don’t like rain, especially when it is pouring for days in a stretch but still everyone enjoys the fresh breeze of monsoon with the occasional showers.

By Revaa