Short Paragraph on Freedom Fighters

A freedom fighter is a person who fights for justice of his/her nation. Anyone who is a part of a revolution for a positive purpose of a nation or society.

India is a land of freedom fighters, where thousands of people happily sacrificed their lives to get freedom from the British Empire. Even though they are no more alive, people still remember them and appreciate their sacrifice they did to see us free. There are many memorials and roads dedicated to those freedom fighters so that people know about what they did for every single one of us.

India was ruled by the Britishers for more than a century and when we talk about its freedom, the first name that pops in anyone’s head is of Mahatma Gandhi, but there are several more fighters without whom the result would have not been accomplished.

Role of a Freedom fighter:

  • They stand for the freedom of a nation or community.
  • They fight for injustice of the people who cannot speak for themselves or are in minority.

Even though freedom fighters lose their lives during the struggle but they always stay alive in the hearts of the people.

By Revaa