Short Paragraph on Golden Temple

Situated in the beautiful city of Amritsar, Golden Temple is also known as Harmandar Sahib or Darbar Sahib. It was built by Guru Arjan Dev in 16th century and has always been open to all people. This is the reason that it is the first place people visit when they are in Amritsar. It is also a pilgrimage for the Sikh and most of them visit Golden Temple at least once in their lifetime.

The major attraction about the temple is that, its dome made from pure gold, and have a pound near it where there are several golden fish. The temple is also appreciated for its architecture and wall carvings. As the temple has four entrances, it symbolizes the openness to all people, despite their caste and religion.

Visitors are not allowed to enter with their shoes and have to keep a piece of cloth in their head as a symbol of respect. Even today, each day the temple organizes a “langar” for people with the help of volunteers. Many people come each day and leave with a full stomach and peaceful mind.

By Revaa