Short Paragraph on Junk Food is Bad for Health

Junk food is bad for health. Unhealthy Food that contains excessive calories and almost negligible nutrient value is called junk food. Fast foods like burgers, pizza, cold drinks, etc. are categorized as junk food as they contain a high amount of fat but lack in nutrients.

  • According to several medical studies, junk food is the main reason for the exponential increase in the rate of obesity in recent times.
  • Since these foods contain excessive processed sugar, their consumption may leads diseases such as Diabetes.
  • Daily consumption of these unhealthy or junk foods leads to a nutritional deficiency in the body which several depletes person productivity and makes them more moody and inactive.
  • The high content of sodium in junk foods makes the body more susceptible to chronic heart diseases.
  • Excessive eating such food which is high in sugar and fat may leads to a severe impact on a person’s mind and body.

Instead of junk food, we should include more green vegetables and another nutrient-rich food in our diet. That will help us maintain a healthy body and mind.

By: Saket