Short Paragraph on Music

Music plays a very significant role in our lives. It’s a way to calm and relax after the daily struggles of life. Moreover, music is of many types, and everyone has a different taste in music. Some people like soft or slow music while others find loud and fast music to be more entertaining.

  • Listening to slow music is like doing yoga as it relaxes our brain and calms down our thoughts.
  • Playing very soft music in the background during meditation helps in focusing our mind.
  • The same way playing such music during studying prevents us from deviating to other thoughts or disturbances.
  • Some people like to play fast music while they are playing outdoors or doing heavy exercises as it brings an adrenaline rush in the body.
  • Music has acted as an inspiration for many famous philosophers and artists.
  • It is also associated with almost every revolutionary moment as it helped in bringing together for a common cause.
  • Music like National anthems is always raising the patriotism in the citizens of the country.

Music is God’s gift to us. It has helped in spreading joy and happiness all over the world.

By Saket