Short Paragraph on My Ambition

To achieve something in it is very important to decide your aim at an early stage. My ambition in life is to become a doctor. I have always been fascinated by the contribution of doctors to our society. They help ailing people every day which is the ultimate act of kindness.

  • I aim to be a Doctor so that I can help in preventing and treating diseases.
  • I want to run a special clinic where I will provide free treatment to sick people who otherwise cannot afford to pay for it.
  • I would also work with my community and guide them towards taking steps that will help in preventing outbreaks of various diseases.
  • I will also behave politely with everyone and will try to understand their pain.
  • Studying in depth about life-threatening diseases will enable me to find a cure for some of the incurable ailments.
  • It will help in winning the respect of my pears and bring pride for my country.

It is not easy to become a Doctor, but I will study hard and excel in the particular subjects so that I can realize my ambition in future.

By Saket