Short Paragraph on National Integration

National Integration is the sense of collective identity among the citizens of a country. It means that despite being from different cultures and religions, people of a nation recognize that they are all one and stand together. Our ancestors fought for the independence of the country for this only.

  • National Integration is very important for a country and its people.
  • The unity in diversity helps the country move forward as one.
  • It creates a sense of belonging and togetherness which helps in building a stronger society.
  • Under troubled times, the people can stand together and help each other as they identify each other as of the same country.
  • It is not limited to national spirit. Diverse people work together to create innovative solutions for their collective success in the future.
  • It leads to healthy economic development as people from different corners of the country come together to build a healthy economy.

National Integration is the real strength of any country. Despite our different religions, castes, and languages we all have one common identity which is our country.

By: Saket