Short Paragraph on Rainy Season

Rainy season is my favorite season. It comes after the long and warm summer weather. The arrival of the rainy season provides a respite to human, animals, and plants from the heat and dryness of summer. It usually starts at the end of June and continues until the end of September.

  • The surroundings become very beautiful during this season.
  • The greenery spreads everywhere, and the ponds and lakes are replenished with water.
  • It is also essential for replenishment of groundwater which we consume every day.
  • This season is critical for farmers who cultivate a majority of the crops in this season.
  • Rainy season is marked by many festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Independence Day, etc.
  • We have to be very careful in this season as the stagnation of water leads to the spreading of various infectious diseases.
  • Too much rain leads to floods which cause loss to people and wildlife.

Everyone welcomes the rainy season for its benefits to us and the earth. It has even inspired many poets and other artists.

By Saket