Short Paragraph on “Save Earth, Save Life”

The phrase “Save earth, save life” highlights the fact that Earth is the only planet that supports life. Our planet has provided us with many resources to sustain our lives as well as the lives of other animals. But the Modern industrial development has become a threat to the Earth itself. That has caused a rapid and drastic geographical and climatic change.

  • The discharge of chemical wastes of factories into the rivers has hampered the aquatic life.
  • These rivers carry these wastes into the sea which is affecting the salt water balance on earth.
  • Cutting down of forests at such a rapid rate has caused significant climatic changes. The wildlife has been affected by it as well as they have no home left.
  • The increase in air pollution has also harmed the ozone layer enveloping the Planet.
  • The collective result of Ozone layer depletion, air pollution, and deforestation has been the increase in mean temperature of the earth.
  • Excessive mining has resulted in an imbalance in the earth’s core which has to lead to frequent volcanic activities and earthquakes.

Our Planet has a very delicate balance. By taking steps to save the earth, we are protecting our own lives and future.

By: Saket