Short Paragraph on Save Tigers in India

Tiger is an iconic animal species. The Bengal Tiger has been named as the national animal of India. But the rapid deforestation and illegal hunting of animals have to lead to a drastic reduction in the population of tigers. Tigers play a significant role in the ecosystem, and we should take steps to ensure that tigers are protected.

  • Tigers evolved over one million years ago in Asia.
  • Tigers have nine subspecies. Of these nine, three have already been reported as extinct, and another three are categorized as endangered.
  • Tigers have a direct use as well by attracting tourists which leads to an increase in income for the local community.
  • Poachers and illegal hunting of tigers is a punishable offence, but more steps should be taken to deter people from killing tigers.

Tigers have an aesthetic, ethical and cultural value in India. They represent a balance on earth and should be protected from going extinct. It is important that we start taking steps to save tigers in India.

By: Saket