Short Paragraph on The Daily Routine of a Student

I am a student. My daily routine is straightforward and is the same every day except for the weekends. I wake up very early in the morning as my school begins at 7:30 in the morning. An early start to the day also helps to keep my mind fresh and focused.

  • I wake up and do exercise for 10 minutes before brushing and freshening up.
  • My mother makes breakfast for me while getting ready for school. I also check the class schedule for the day to make sure that I carry all the required books.
  • The school starts with morning assembly for praying.
  • Overall there are seven periods in a day of 40 minutes each. After four periods the recess takes place, which is of 30 minutes, during which time students eat their food.
  • Every day there is a Physical Education period during which we learn about various sports.
  • The school gets over at three after which I come back home and complete my homework.
  • I go to sleep early so that I wake up early the next day.

The routine of a student is a very busy one and requires maintaining proper discipline.

By: Saket