Short Paragraph on Tiger

Tiger is a wild animal. Its scientific name is panther Tigris and is classified in the genus Panthera.

  • Tigers are mostly found in the continent of Asia.
  • They are further divided into many sub-species. The Bengal tiger which is a subspecies is the national animal of India.
  • Tigers usually have bright golden or yellow skin color with black stripes on their back.
  • A mature male tiger can weigh around 230 kgs and have a nose to tail length of 300 cms. The females are comparatively smaller in size and weight around 145 kgs and length of 250 cms.
  • A tiger is a very agile animal and can run at a speed of around 83 km/hr and jump to almost seven ft.
  • Tigers have softer paws compared to lions helps them in walking silently but painful to walk on sharp rocks, pebbles, etc.
  • The population of tigers in the world reduced significantly in the modern times due to deforestation and illegal hunting.

Tiger is a ferocious but beautiful animal which plays a vital role in balancing the ecosystem of a jungle.

By Saket