Short Paragraph on Truth

Truth usually means being in accordance with fact or reality. It is typically held opposite to false or falsehood. The definition of truth is disputed on as some consider it to be absolute while others believe it to be relative to a current situation.

  • Truth is the backbone of any civilization and society. It creates the base for a healthy future for its people.
  • Truth is vital in any relationship. Speaking truth leads to the formation of trust between two people, which in itself is a necessity for any relationship.
  • Truth can be used as a weapon to demolish the negativity and falsehood that is spread by the evils of the society.
  • At times Speaking truth can be a hard thing to do as people fear how others would react to it.
  • Overcoming this fear makes a person healthy and also wins him the respect of others as not everyone has the courage to speak the truth.
  • All the famous personalities philosophers have mentioned in their speeches and writings about the importance of honesty.

In life, the truth is the only thing that stays with us no matter where and in which situation we are

By Saket