Uses of forests – Short Paragraph

One-third of all the land on earth is covered by forests, which provides vital organic habitat for a vast range of animals and birds. Apart from providing habitat for so many species, forests have other necessary benefits and use too which makes it crucial to stop deforestation.

Uses of Forests

  • Forests convert carbon dioxide into oxygen which we all breathe.
  • Forests absorb the maximum amount of greenhouse gases which helps in keeping the temperature balance of our ecosystem.
  • Vast forests have a significant influence on the regional weather pattern. Areas with dense forests receive more rainfall.
  • The fallen leaves in woods slowly decompose inside the soil and act as a natural fertilizer to increase soil fertility.
  • Dense forests break the flow of water thus preventing floods. The roots of the trees hold the top layer of soil firmly which prevents soil erosion.
  • Fores provide livelihood to people. Forest resources are used for the production of many things like paper, sap, oils, etc.

Forests are essential for maintaining life form on earth. We continue to depend on it for most of our resources.

By Saket