Using Technology in the Classroom – Short Essay

Technology is not only invading the education system. It is penetrating deeper and entering our classrooms as well. Schools are using technology in the classes to advance their course. This practice pays off excellently, and students enjoy a significant impact. Teachers are coming up with brilliant ways of using technology in classrooms. Here are a few ways one can also adopt

Using Technology in the Classroom

Monitor noise in class

It is exhausting to try and make a class remain silent. When there is something that can gauge the noise that students make, they will be prompted to keep the gauge low. For instance, you can use the ‘Too Noisy’ to help you with this.

Use short videos

You can come up with short videos that you can use as part of the lesson to explain concepts or give students a clearer picture of what you are talking about. You will be surprised how well the students will respond to the video and the lesson.

Multimedia presentations

As a teacher, go further and create presentations that make use of a lot of features such as sound, pictures, videos, music, and so on. Even better, you can give assignments and let the students give PowerPoint presentations of their task.

Install sound enhancers

For large classrooms, you can have sound enhancers such as microphones and speakers to help amplify the sound. When students strain to hear what a teacher is saying, they tend to switch off. With audibility, students remain focused.

Online testing

The way schools are testing the students is evolving. Now students can take tests online. It is convenient and makes a teacher’s work effortless. Teachers can get the real-time performance of students and instant grades.

These are a few ways that you can adopt the use of technology in class. They will engage students and meet their technological demands in this digital and advanced era.

By Lorah