Visit a Hill Station – Short Paragraph

During the last summer break, my whole family planned a trip to a nearby hill station. It was mid of the summer, so the climate was sweltering that’s why we were all overjoyed with the idea of going to a hill station.

  • We left our home in the car. The drive towards the hill station was fascinating.
  • While climbing over the hill, the road became circular around the mountain. As we drove up, the air kept getting cooler.
  • As we reached the hill station, we first put our bags in the lodge and then started out for sight-seeing.
  • We visited a stunning lake located near the edge of the mountain. We boarded a paddle-boat in the lake and did boating for a while.
  • After this, we went to a very dense forest nearby. There were many different types of birds in this forest. After some time the whole atmosphere was filled with the chirping of a wide variety of birds.
  • In the evening we went to a spot on the top of the mountain for viewing the sunset.
  • After sunset, we sat in the garden around a bonfire and sang songs and played games.

Life on a hill station is very calm and relaxing as compared to city life. We all enjoyed this trip a lot.

By Saket