What friendship means to me? – Short Paragraph

I think that friendship is one of the essential things in our lives. No matter how one’s nature is, everyone requires a close friend with whom they can relate. Friendship is built between two people who share similar interests and feelings. My friend and I tell each other all our secrets because we trust each other.

  • Friendship is built on trust and sharing.
  • Real friends are invaluable and should be treasured more than gold.
  • Friends provide strength to face stressful situations in life. They provide moral support when we are down.
  • They rejoice in our success and motivate us to achieve higher goals in life.
  • Building a strong friendship takes time and efforts but gives us a friend for a lifetime.
  • True friends offer positive advice at every step of life. When we go wrong, they stop us and direct us in the right direction.
  • Friends don’t judge us by our looks, social status or material things.

In friendship, the most important thing is to be selfless. Unless we cannot be a good friend to someone, we cannot expect them to be faithful to us.

By: Saket